The Social Justice Team

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“Expressing practical love and concern for those who are marginalised or who suffer because of injustice or poverty.”

Our new charity for 2017 was introduced in September and is GROWING CHAMPIONS, a South African project.  It aims to help young people grouwing up in one of the most dangerious townships of Johannesburg, through sport coaching, academic tutoring, life coaching etc and mentoring children to rise above the adversity of their environment and make good choices rather than succumbing to a life of gang violence, crime, abuse and addicition.  We hope that people in our church and beyond will get behind this project so that we can raise money and help to make a real difference in the lives of the young people of this township.


The Social Justice Team serves the church and wider community in several ways.  Part of our Church Mission Statement says we will demonstrate action on behalf of those suffering injustice in the wider world and express practical love and concern for those who are marginalised or who suffer because of injustice or poverty.

The Team seeks to follow through these principles by supporting long-established organisations such as Christian Aid and our own particular Methodist-based charities: Mission in Britain, the Methodist Church Overseas Division, Methodist Homes for the Aged, Mehodist Women in Britain and Action for Children.

However, we also endeavour to keep abreast of current and environmental matters and bring to the church’s attention those issues that we feel people may wish to take action on personally, and this is usually promoted via the church magazine.

Another of the Team’s main tasks is to arrange for the Church to support an outside charity each year, generally from September to July. Each year at the Annual General Meeting in the spring, three or four charities are put forward on which Church members can vote for the one they particularly wish to support. During 2013/14 we raised money for the Christian African Relief Trust, based in Yorkshire, in order for them to buy mosquito nets for African children in Malawi. Our 2014/15 focus charity was “Toilet Twinning.” In association with Tear Fund, it enables toilets to be built for communities and schools in those parts of the world where they currently have no such facilities, and instances of disease and abuse are rife.


Our Church Project for 2015/16 was supporting the work of Christians Against Poverty (CAP). We were delighted to be engaging with such a worthwhile charity

who’s headquarters are in nearby Bradford. They work with the lost and broken to relieve the burden of poverty and its causes through the loca

l church by offering debt counselling, job clubs, release groups and life skills courses. We are encouraging individuals and groups within the Church to come up with ideas for raising money for CAP. So far these have included events like coffee mornings and choral recitals. Anyone interested in running a

marathon or doing a skydive?

The Social Justice Team always welcomes as new members those who have a concern for the suffering and disadvantaged of the world, and as a church we aim to further this work in the name of our Lord Jesus.